Hello! こんにちは! This is my blog. Welcome!

I’m parsec. My government name is pretty easy to find, considering all the links I added here to the blog, but online I go by parsec :)

I’m an ADHDer, a weeb, super into tech and all technical disciplines (whether or not they actually deal with technology). You name it, I’ve probably hyperfocused on it at some point…

My goal for this blog is to document a lot of my journey through learning new technologies, things, and stuff. Right now my big project is learning Kubernetes and other cloud-native systems/tools/etc. to eventually reach my goal of becoming an SRE, but who knows what I’ll accomplish along the way! If you’re interested in reaching out to me, Polywork and Twitter are probably the best places to reach me (both on the homepage).

I can’t promise regular content, or even semi-regular content. There will likely be sporadic uploads. But, as I’m struggling through all the things I’m learning, I’m hoping that the things I learn will help other people down the road where I wasn’t able to find a random blog post that answered my niche question ;)

Hope you enjoy!